Saturday, September 28, 2002

Weekend Fun
I played miniature golf for the second time in my life today. Ingolstadt Fair (&copy 2002 by J. Beck)Even Steffi and me haven't both been champions, but it was fun anyway. I needed 57 shots for the 18-hole golf course.

In the late afternoon we went to the Ingolstadt fair which is roughly the same as the Oktoberfest in Munich, just a lot smaller. It's party time in South Germany right now, there are fairs in a lot of places. The Oktoberfest is the biggest and most famous but not the only one here. Two years ago I missed the chance to go to Munich, the next year I've been in Korea. So I guess this year will probably be the last time living that close to the bigest fairy on earth. And I may use it. I MAY, I'm not sure right now. Actuallly, I don't really think it's that good as people tell. The one here in Ingolstadt has the same fun rides, the same luncheonettes, the same beer tents etc.. The only difference is the smaller size and price here.

I played a game called camel derby with Steffi, and won. I chose a coupon so that I can return next week and win two more games to get something nice. Well, I've to finish now, Julia, Kai and Christoph are coming to watch some DVDs...and drink...and...whatever.

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