Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Effective training weekends

If every weekend would be like the last one, I would have no doubts in finishing the Ostseeman. I went to Julia in Stuttgart on Friday evening. Saturday we relaxed on the balcony and went running in the afternoon. Following the run in the sun I went swimming before we had a sunset BBQ on the balcony again.

Sunday was time for the one disciplin that had been left out the day before. I got up early in the morning ( a quarter before six) and cycled down the Neckar valley from Stuttgart to Mannheim, passing dozens of wonderfull towns and castles.

I arrived at home around 5 pm with over 200 km in my legs and a considerable sunburn. Oouuch!

Maxdorf Tri

Our relay team did well. We placed third (from the bottom). ;)

Jens (the one on the left) who competed in all three disciplines, had been a lot faster than the three of us.

Anyway, we had a lot of fun and definitely gave our best. I needed a bit under 3 hours for my bike part, as I had hoped before. But the mountains had been hard, as you can see on the photo that has been taken directly after my ride.

On 24 July I have registered for my first single triathlon, an Olympic Distance in Ladenburg near Mannheim. Swimming will be in the Neckar, and cycling on another mountaineous track in the Odenwald. I hope it will be a last good test for the Ostseeman.

Friday, June 10, 2005

BASF Firmencup

Tuesday was race day at Camelot. I took part in the BASF company run at the Hockenheim race course with 4 collegues. My time was 17:38 min for the 4.8 km lap.

&copy 2005 by Jolle

On Sunday is the next scheduled event. I will start in a relay team at the Maxdorf triathlon (2-82-20 km) with 2 collegues and take over the cycling part, which consists of a two lap course with quite some ascents to challenge. We'll see.