Monday, September 20, 2004

Wolfram Huschke

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Saturday evening I went to a Wolfram Huschke concert. He's a very individual player, performing his own compositions on a classic and on a zeta e-cello.

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Always a wonderful experience. He talks with the audience, tells stories while playing. He even walks through the room and outside while playing. See it if he happens to be within your reach.

Saturday, September 18, 2004

Skate Marathon

I called off running the Berlin Marathon next weekend, cause I simply didn't ran enough the last weeks. But nontheless I'll visit my cousin in Berlin, and take part in the Skate Marathon in Saturday morning, my first. It'll be a new experience for me, competing against the pros with my old fitness skates. But we'll have fun, I'm sure. :)

About Milan, I'll write something later, and show some photos. Be patient, I'll have to mow the grass in the garden first. ;)

PS: Currently listening to Katie Melua!

Saturday, September 11, 2004

I've just got 2 words....


PS: Teresa and me just arrived some hours ago. I'm overloaded with new impressions and also very tired. That's why we had just a small birthday dinner with the four of us. Til Tuesday I'll be in Rostock, so it'll take some time til I tell you more. Moreover the official website ( has everything, all the events including photos and description. Just follow the links of Star Tour and Tour Description. By the way, my route was Frankfurt, Baden-Baden, Luzern, Milan.

PPS: Thanx for all the birthday wishes on my mailbox. I had my mobile turned off in Italy.

Monday, September 6, 2004

Schwerin - Milano in 4 days

In some hours I'll leave for a sponsored trip to Italy. It's a promotion for the new Mercedes A-Class and I just know that it starts in Frankfurt and ends in Milano. Let's see what happens in between. The car is nice, I got it Saturday already.

&copy 2004 Schweriner Volkszeitung

Above is a small press notice in our local newspaper. They want some more interviews on the phone during the tour. Hey, I'm getting famous! ;)

We'll come back on Friday by plane and train, but til Monday I'll be in Rostock help my grandparents move out of their apartment.

Friday, September 3, 2004

3600 km in 15 days - it's done!

The Deutschlandstaffel has finished on Sunday afternoon. We reached Leipzig and had a small final party. See the official news for more.

The finish in Leipzig (&copy