Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Holiday in Taiwan and South Korea

Astrid and me had a wonderful trip to Taiwan and South Korea. It was short but impressive. Plus I met some friends from university in Seoul which I had not seen in a decade.

Traditional pagoda in the central mountains of Taiwan

Delicious food at the Sun Moon lake

Impressive newly build temple in the central Taiwan mountains, a nice mixture between traditional gold...

...and colorful architecture...

...with a massive buddha overlooking the valley.

The central mountain range with its steep and narrow roads.

Sometimes you could not even see the roads in the middle of the jungle.

A bit of trekking along the way.

Back to South Korea. We had a 2 day stop-over only, but it was enough time to visit again some places like the Shinchon area, the Sogang university and some temples in the city center.

Traditional Korean architecture

Asians do not build houses, they build cities. Coming soon...