Tuesday, November 26, 2002

New Website
I made a new website for a friend today. Very low tech, but enough for the project. Visit it here. The Nicaragua site is the new one, the old Istanbul site I made some month ago.

Now it's time to go home.

Sunday, November 24, 2002

Red Dragon
Saturday I was cooking with Georg in his flat. Actually he was cooking and I just ate it, but anyway, it was delicious. Later we watched some of his pics from Singapore and went to the movies. He wanted to see the Red Dragon, the first chapter of the Hannibal Lecter trilogy.

I almost couldn't resist sleep at the beginning, but later the movie was really terrifying enough to keep me awake. Especially Antony Hopkins plays wonderful.

If you enter the Official Red Dragon Homepage you'll not be able to come around some short messages saying: "Rated for violence, grisly images, language, some nudity and sexuality". This pertty much sounds like a horror movie, but there were just two or three scenes to test your nerves. I'm really not a fan of horror movies, but I liked this one.

Friday, November 22, 2002

Quote of the day
Friendship is unnecessary, like philosophy, like art...
It has no survival value: rather it is one of those that give value to survival.
(C. S. Lewis)

Thursday, November 21, 2002

New Photos
I uploaded the new photos from Monday's birthday. Go to Pixum.

Tuesday, November 19, 2002

Young Jolle and Mom (&copy 2002 by Johannes Beck)The family united, for the first time in years
On Monday all our family gathered for my grandpa's 80s birthday in a wine restaurant ("Weinhaus Wöhler") in Schwerin. It was the first time in years that we've been all together, Grandpa, Grandma, their two children and 8 grandchildren.

What else did I do on the weekend? Not much. I listened a lot to my CDs and LPs which I left at home together with my nice Sony stereo and subwoofer. I love to turn the volume up, but I can't use it in my dormitory here, so I left it all home.

Young Jolle (&copy 2002 by Johannes Beck)On Sunday I took some digital photos from old photo albums (like these two with Jolle at the age of 4 months). I wanted to have some selected pics on my computer, but scanning takes too much time, so I just used my digital camera, even the quality is not that great.

I went back to Ingolstadt today morning around 7:30. Daddy had a vocational training in Kassel which is half way down to Bavaria on the western route, so I joined him, driving his Audi with top speed. He dropped me on a service area of the motorway near Kassel, where I continued hitchhiking with 3 different cars. The last one, an older couple from Munich's high society, were especially nice and drove me all the way home. So here I am.

Sunday, November 17, 2002

At home for the weekend
I went home for the weekend, cause my grandpa turns 80 on Monday. I started hitchhiking on Friday afternoon and came home around 11:30 with a trucker. I needed to change the car for 4 times which seems to be the average for this 700 km trip.

Tuesday, November 12, 2002

By the way, do you know Googlism?. It's an engine that finds descriptions on the web for names, places or any other words. And, 'cause you wouldn't expect it from the name, it uses Google for its search. :)

The result is quite funny in most cases. For Jolle it finds the following:

jolle is the last house on the left
jolle is leaving today so the last days it will only be magnus
jolle is a con artist with the face of an angel
jolle is almost finished with her residency and is making more enemies than friends
jolle is my self chosen name
jolle is ranked 15 and has played for 1h50m in 14 days real name
jolle is dan weer een klassieker die nieuw gebouwd wordt door hd yachtbau uit hüde
jolle is op een symposium in rotterdam vandaag
jolle is toteutti järjestelmät federal express
jolle is te koop
jolle is an actor
jolle is ranked 114 and has played for 49m in 14 days real name
jolle is an 8 th grade social studies teacher at taylor road
jolle is quite large
jolle is ranked 137 and has played for 2h16m in 14 days real name
jolle is the nestle executive in charge of the championships
Ice Skating
I'm going skating today for the second time this season. On Friday or Sunday I'll go home for some days to celebrate my grandpa's 80's birthday. Wow, I wanna get that old, too.

Wednesday, November 6, 2002

Upload finished
The pictures from the weekend in Freiberg are ready now. Find them here. CU, Jolle!

Monday, November 4, 2002

I'm back
The Heiko ashtrayIt was nice to be back in Freiberg again. We arrived Friday afternoon and went swimming in the brandnew swimming centre with Karl and some of his friends. We also had our first beer there.

In the evening was the big party where we met old college fellows, drank a lot and did some other things people do at parties until 7 or 8, when I fell asleep in the back seat of the car. Georg and Tim had already occupied the front seats some hours ago.

As soon as we woke up we organized a breakfast in the famous Café Hartmann. Then we started drinking again and spent the time until the evening giggling over stories of the past and present in Evi's and Kaetho's flat with Georg, Tim, Marc, Kaetho, Evi and Heiko. Dinner was taken late in the Kartoffelhaus, a nice potatoe restaurant in Freiberg. After that we went home for sleep, being quite exhausted and tired. Except Marc. He wanted another beer and woke up in the morning under the bed table with a kitchen towel as a blanket.

The photos are coming later, I'll give notice at the Freiberg board. Thanx again to the P7-crew for the cool party. The decoration was exceptional, just see this wonderful ashtray on the pic. And also thanx to Evi and Kaetho for the place to sleep, even we preferred the car on Friday.

Friday, November 1, 2002

Freiberg 2002 - the second
I'm off to Freiberg in some minutes. I'll drive with Georg in a rented Renault Clio back to where we both studied some years ago, meeting old friends and so on.
It'll be a lot of fun. See the pics from the last time in Spring this year.