Saturday, September 23, 2006

Marathon Preview

I am currently in Bremen. Sunday will be the marathon. But more important is that we had a cool night out in the pubs.

Friday, September 15, 2006

Summer in September...

Life has been exciting the last month. I travelled a lot on the weekends and worked a lot during the week. This will not change so soon, so you get just a short overview for now:

After the Ostseeman I did another sprint triathlon near Mannheim, the same one like last year. But this time I was a bid slower. It that was expected and the conditions haven't been that good as well, as the streets have been slippery during cycling and I had just slept one hour between a garden and karaoke party at Robert's place and the start of the train to Biblis at 7:00 am on a Sunday morning. Anyway, it was a lot of fun and I cycled back to Mannheim after the event instead of taking the train.

The following weekend I attended the wedding of Basti (an old friend from the Freiberg university times) and Eli near Weimar in Thuringia. They celebrated in an old castle and the Mannheim gang was performing a small theater play, which we had prepared in several sessions this year.

See below a photo of the happy couple, who is now traveling through Africa on their honeymoon. The next photo shows me and 3 friends of Basti in front of the castle.

(&copy 2006 by Jolle)

(&copy 2006 by Jolle)

On the way back on Sunday we (me and Judy, the middle girl form above, who I picked up from the Frankfurt airport a day earlier and took back to Mannheim in my rental car) stopped at Waltershausen to visit my granny. She has a beautiful big garden and we also had an applie pie and a beer at my uncles pub.

(&copy 2006 by Jolle)

Last weekend I had been to Belgium visiting Judy, who takes Dutch lessons there. We visited Antwerp, the beaches in Oostende...

(&copy 2006 by Jolle)

...and Bruegge, an old and beautiful hanseatic town.

(&copy 2006 by Jolle)

This weekend I'll be in Belgium as well, visiting Brussels. Next weekend I'll visit an old study companion in Bremen and compete in the local marathon. The weekend after I plan to visit old friends in Ingolstadt and go to the Munich Oktoberfest.

Moreover a new upgrade project starts next week at the customer I am currently working for, so don't expect too much entries at this place soon. ;)

Enjoy the rest of the summer, Jolle!