Saturday, June 26, 2004

Home again...

After an evening in Halle with Basti and Eli I came home yesterday. Just to find, that the summer hasn't arrived in the northern part yet. :(

Hope this will change soon. Maybe Teresa could bring a little tropical sun from Thailand next week, when she returns.

Happy Summer, Jolle!

Monday, June 21, 2004


Yesterday was the big running day for Caro and Steffi, who planned to finish their first half marathon. We met around 9 am at the Daimler-Stadium. The weather was perfect, dry, no wind, not too cool and not too warm. But nontheless it became a tough challenge. We started at the end of the field and kept a quite steady pace until the end. But we succeeded, after 2 h and 52 min they finished their first half marathon safe and happy. Congratulations.

Julia ran the 7 km race, which started later in the morning, and she also finished in a personal best of around 48 min. Also congratulations.

The evening faded out on out balcony with a solid BBQ session. I'm not sure right now when I'll come home, but it'll be around Wednesday.

Summer Challenge

Hitchhiking was a bit of an adventure this time, but after 2 days I finally arrived in Ingolstadt and it became a nice party weekend. And except Friday, the weather meant it good with us. The duathlon was fun, Georg and me finished somewhat in the middle of the pack.

Thursday, June 10, 2004

Hitchhiking South...

Today I'll start for a ten day trip to South Germany. I'll start visiting Basti in Halle, then spend the weekend attending the Summer-Challenge in Ingolstadt, before moving on to Stuttgart on Sunday where I'll stay with Julia and run the Half Marathon with some friends.

Apropos running. This week I have zero km on my account, cause my feet simply didn't feel that fresh. But it doesn't matter. I didn't plan running personal bests the next weeks.

Let's pray for good weather and a lot of good rides. CU, Jolle!