Tuesday, August 8, 2006


...I did it again! What a wonderfull feeling. It took a bit more time, but therefore it was a very nice race day. Perfect weather, maybe a bit too warm.

Swimming went well, I was a lot faster than last year. The bike leg was significantly slower this time, because I reduced speed to avoid cramps. Resulting from that conservative cycling, the running part at the end was very smooth and not such a pain like last year.

Altogether I must say it was a wonderful day and I could enjoy most of the race. And with a bit more training, especially for the bike part, my current personal best will be crumbling.

My mother took some photos, but the old fashioned way, so it'll take some time before I have them. Here are some photos of the evening before:

The swim start at the beach just next to the bike park on the evening before the race.

The start zone on the evening before(&copy 2006 by Jolle)

My bike waiting for me.

My bike waiting for me (&copy 2006 by Jolle)

Shortly before going to bed at the camp site just 500 meters from the start zone.

Sunset on the campsite (&copy 2006 by Jolle)

Saturday, August 5, 2006

11:59:21 - this time it'll be hard to do it again...

Tomorrow I'll leave to Gl├╝cksburg with my mother. I am planning to compete in the Ostseeman longdistance triathlon once again after my premiere last year.

Last year I finished in 11:59:21 hours, but this time it'll be hard to do it again regarding the reduced training intensity in 2006. Compared to last years training kilometers I did 30% swimming, 33% cycling and 55% running. So in my opinion I will really get into trouble on the 180 km bike course. This will be the crucial step to success on Sunday.

Regarding this I set my goal on Sunday to simply finish. A new personal best would be a nice brithday presence in advance, but no must to be satisfied.

Press your thumbs for me, I'll need it!

For last years race report (German) you can download here.

Below you can see me accompanying Petra on her 50 km run at the Deutschlandstaffel, a 15 days, 24 hours a day relay race around Germany. I also ran 3 legs and accompanied some on bike. Photos and report can be found in the logbook (German) at the relevant legs. I was involved from Luebeck until Alt Bukow.

Jolle at the Deutschlandstaffel accompanying Petra on the bike (&copy 2006 by Jolle)