Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Golden Autumn

The weather meant it good with us this autumn. October has been unnormally warm and sunny. Perfect weather for running, which doesn't mean that I run much these days. ;) Now it's getting significantly colder and I have bought a used rollertrack for indoor cycling. I was astonished how difficult it is to stay on, but I'll get better everyday a bit.

Last Wednesday some collegues and I saw the ice-hockey match Germany vs. USA in Mannheim and luckily became eyewitness of the first victory sind 1971, Truly a historic moment. Last weekend I was in Berlin to visit my cousin. Saturday was a 10 km run and we went to a friends party on the evening. Sunday I strolled around the city to see what has changed. Moreover I went into a exhibition, sighted the new holocaust monument and found this nice piece of neon art.

Berlin neon art (&copy 2005 by Jolle)

Next weekend I'll visit a friend in the Saarland with whom I ran the Jungfrau marathon in Septmeber and we'll drive to Luxemburg for a trail run. I hope the weather doesn't change too much until then.