Thursday, April 22, 2004

"Kill Bill"-Night
I've been at this cineastic event today, from 8 pm to half past midnight. I can't understand the critics, I like the second part as much as the first. And if you see both together, it's perfect entertainment. This movie has it all, a nice story, strange characters, good action, and a very nice end. My advice is: Go for it!

Sunday, April 18, 2004

Post-Telekom Run
I am back home, still trying to bring order in this chaos in my room. On Saturday I took part in a 15 km run in Schwerin, the Post-Telekom-Lauf. It's a nice track arount the lake Fauler See, then along the Schweriner Lake and the castle gardens back to the Fauler See.

I started fast and tried to keep the speed, always chasing a small group of runners, who supposably aimed for the hour. But in the last third of the race the group fell apart and I couldn't accelerate, so I finished in 1:01:20. It's still a personal best for me, and I'm very satisfied with it. In June there is another 15 km run on my schedule. So I'll try again. :)

Sunday, April 4, 2004

I finished the marathon together with two friends from the Berlin Marathon Forum. Sabine wrote a comprehensive review, so I don't need to write something anything else. :)

Now I'm sitting in Wittenförden, after 700 km driving home. See you.