Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Hamburg Marathon...

...in 3:09 h. Plus warm and sunny weather. Plus meating friends and family. Quite much for "just one" of the year's 52 weekends. I'm happy!

Friday, April 22, 2005

The Long Break

Some time has passed since my last message, but a lot happened. The Mannheim Eagles lost the play-off finals, my favourite soccer club Hansa Rostock has won some matches in the last time, so there are still some chances that they will stay in the first league.

Sign in our Irish pub where we hold the Thursday's regulars table (&copy 2005 Jolle)

This week I've been on another SAP-training in Walldorf with two colleges, which was quite some fun as well as helpful.

The winter has finally left Germany, it's getting warmer and brighter. I started my cycling season and added some swimming sessions, but on the other hand neglected running a bit. Well, the positive effect is, that I am well rested right now, so I decided to visit some friends over the weekend and run the marathon in Hamburg. My target is 3:15 h, eight minutes faster than in last Spring.

Friday, April 8, 2005

Ice-Hockey Play-Offs

Yesterday, I was in Frankfurt with a co-worker to watch the playoff semi-finals of the German ice-hockey league between the Frankfurt Lions and the Mannheim Eagles. It was a close match in the end, with a very exciting last third. Frankfurt had a lead of four goals after the second break, before Mannheim came back with a lot of action and speed play, shot three goals and had some more opportunities. Ice-hockey in its finest version!

Play-off semin finals between Mannheim and Frankfurt (&copy 2005 by Jolle)

The Eagles could have kicked out Frankfurt. Well, now they will have to try it again on Sunday. Ingolstadt also lost Berlin, again, and now needs two consecutive victories against the Polar Bears, which will be quite hard. Anyway, we?ll see it on Sunday. My dream of a final between Mannheim and Ingolstadt is still possible.