Friday, August 27, 2004

Deutschlandstaffel: Nuremberg - Leipzig

I went to Stuttgart on Tuesday for a job interview. This morning I moved on to Nuremberg, and in some hours I will again support the Deutschlandstaffel until its end in Leipzig on Sunday afternoon. Dieter and me will drive the caravan until Dresden, passing my former university town Freiberg in Saxonia, where some others will join for the last passages. On Sunday evening Basti and Eli will give me shelter in Halle, before I'll go back to Schwerin on Monday morning.

See you, Jolle!

Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Deutschlandstaffel - a 3600 km relay run around Germany

It was a nice event. I arrived in Hinrichshagen at 2:30 am on Tuesday night. From then on I took over the Staffomobil (a motor caravan), because Dieter desperately needed some hours sleep. We accompanied the runners when they had to use roads, especially in the night, when we could spent light and security.

Dieter an me in the caravan supporting some runners

Later in the afternoon we arrived in Schwerin. From here Robert and me ran the next stage together.

Robert and me just before the stage start

But because of pain in my left leg I just ran the first 5 km to Wittenfoerden, where my family welcomed us home. From here Dieter and the Staffomobil stayed at our house and I continued to support Robert on our stage on bike. We arrived in Renzow perfectly in time to hand over the baton to the next runners, which I also supported on bike to carry water and their bike. In Dutzow Dieter joined us again for a short time and I accompanied the last runners in my part to Luebeck, a 34 km stage.

Lothar and Konrad handing over the baton to the girls from the last stage

We ran into the night, reaching Luebeck at half past eleven. Here the part, that I organized, ended. So we had small "party" at the Staffomobil, before I returned home to Schwerin (my mother picked me up by car). Much more infos, pics etc. in the Logbook.

Today I did nothing more than sleeping, the whole day. And I'll go to bed again, soon. CU, Jolle!

Monday, August 16, 2004

28 h Deutschlandstaffel

In short time I'll leave by train towards Rostock to meet the Deutschlandstaffel, a 3600 km relay run around Germany, which I helped organizing. I'll join Dieter in the caravan and will support the run til Schwerin, where we'll arrive tomorrow afternoon. Then I will run a 20 km part (see here) before continuing to support until we arrive L├╝beck. I

More infos on See in the Logbook, where we are running right now.

CU, Jolle!

Monday, August 9, 2004

3.8 / 190 / 42.195 in 9:55:42 means third place

Up to 30°C, water temperature of 23°C and not one cloud to be seen. It was perfect Hawaii-weather for the longdistance triathlon in Gluecksburg. The spectators could sit on the beach relaxing and watching the triathletes burn in the sun.

Elke, Ralf and me finished as a mixed relay team on the third place in a wonderful time of 9:55:42. Especially Ralf, who finished his 180 km in exactly five hours has shown a stunning performance. I finished my marathon distance in 3:32:37, which is a good time for me regarding the temperatures.

Thanks to my team members, the organisation and the cheering supporters for this wonderful experience. I will definitely come back!

Friday, August 6, 2004

Ostseeman Triathlon

In the evening I'll visit Kai in Hamburg to pick him up for a weekend trip to the northernmost part of Germany. I'll take part in the Ostseeman, a long distance triathlon (3.8 km swim, 180 km bike, 42.2 km run). Actually, I will be part of a team: Swimming Elke, Cycling Ralf and Running Jolle, completed by Cheering Kai.

I hope it'll be as much fun as I expect. I'll try to organize some digital photos from us. See you, Jolle!