Friday, March 30, 2007

BBQ Season opened

Yesterday evening we exchanged our weekly regular table at the Irish pub for a BBQ at my place. Luckily the predicted rain didn't show up and we had some nice steaks and salad.

Definitely a good start into a successfull and long BBQ season. Smoke on, Jolle!

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Philippine Karaoke

After one of our consulting day evening dinners some of us decided to continue the night at the (in Camelot circles) well known Oldie bar, situated in the Mannheim underground near the station. It's a small spin-off from the neighbouring philippine karaoke bar.

After an hour waiting and drinking finally they played our songs, a very lot of them. Another great evening. :)

Some Camelots singing karaoke (&copy 2007 by Jolle)

Sunday, March 18, 2007

1st bier-patrickalon 2007

St. Patrick's Day - always a reason for party. So was yesterday. The famous All-Stars gathered together to celebrate this day with a special event: The Guiness-Patrickalon. A challenge to drink 6 Guinness in 6 Irish pubs in 2 cities in less than 6 hours. We didn't completely succeed, but it more an act of nature than our fault, so it was ok. See the full story...

The All-Stars in front of Murphy's law, Mannheims best Irish pub (&copy 2007 by Jolle)

PS: At the end the patrickalon included a visit to the ballet and a long museum night. Another adventurous Saturday is over.

Monday, March 12, 2007

The 2007 Camelot Ski-Event

Another year has passed. It is now my third Camelot ski event already. Wow, time is really running fast.

Everything was planned well. We had rented a nice old cottage for over 30 people. But unluckily many couldn't take part due to a project. Anyway, 9 of us made their way to the Salzburger Land.

But even if the house was far to big for us, it was a nice mix of people and we had a lot of fun skiing, snowboarding, karaoke-singing, preparing food on the wood stove, watching the horses, rabbits, guinea-pigs in the barn etc.

Also the weather was really nice on one day. Here are some impressions:

(Almost) all of us in front of the old barn (&copy 2007 by Jolle)

(Almost) all of us in front of the old barn

Julia and Wenke at Friday, our nice and sunny day (&copy 2007 by Jolle)

Julia and Wenke at Friday, our nice and sunny day

Steffen performing the dog dance(&copy 2007 by Jolle)

Steffen performing the dog dance

A 2 day old foal in our barn(&copy 2007 by Jolle)

A 2 day old foal in our barn

The big monster rabbit in our barn(&copy 2007 by Jolle)

The big monster rabbit in our barn

A nice holiday. Now we wait for next year. :)