Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Another year in paradise :)

We're quite some days into the new year already, so I guess most of you are back in daily routine by now.

For me it is true, I am back at work in Mannheim and moreover try to avoid extensive weekend traveling like last year. I want to spend more time here enjoying my flat, go runnning, cycling and swimming as well as going out with friends. Moreover I have time to go skiing from time to time.

Coming Saturday I'll have my first race in 2006, a 50 km run in Rodgau (near Frankfurt/Main). I hope it'll not be too cold. The last training on Monday evening has been quite fresh with less than -10°C. Luckily I can always enjoy a hot tub at home. :)

Me at an ultra marathon in Luxemburg (Nov 2005)

(The above winter running picture is from a trail ultra marathon in Luxemburg which I ran last November.)

Now, that I'll be home more often, I also hope some of you find the way to Mannheim, as some already did. It's not that difficult, as Mannheim is very good connected by road and rail.

Have a nice winter time, Jolle!