Monday, September 29, 2008

Yearly birthday

September is birthday time. As the weather continued to be rainy, I invited for a bbq session in the garden on short notice and some friends could really make it.

As a preparation we temporarily changed a part of our living room into a dining room. As we liked it we kept it. So we have now a new dining room and a sofa in the kitchen. :)

The part of our living room that changed into a dining room (&copy 2008 by AB)

Below one of my birthday presents, a new phono player from my Camelot colleagues.

My birthday present - a new phone (&copy 2008 by AB)

Lea also likes it. As she rests and relaxes in the living room every morning, she is happy about the new phono as well.

Lea's relaxing place in the morning (&copy 2008 by AB)

We are still very happy with our garden and especially the previous tenants which managed to plant colourfull flowers for every season...

Autumn in the garden (&copy 2008 by AB)

Sunflowers in September (&copy 2008 by AB)

...and present us with some really delicious apples. Yam yam!!!

It's apple time in Mannheim (&copy 2008 by AB)