Monday, November 24, 2008


The November is almost over and I haven´t run very much so far due to lot of work and other activities. We have been to concerts of Udo Lindenberg and Die Toten Hosen. Moreover was my sister visiting with Mikael Babajanyan who was singing the Marcello in the La Boheme opera.

&copy 2008 by Jolle

Last weekend the the first (and seldom) snow was falling in Mannheim, so I show you one more garden photo for this year, our last wine grapes I harvested 8 days ago.

&copy 2008 by Jolle

My haflinger Andor is quickly becoming familiar with his new surrounding. The neighbouring mares are already fallen in love with him. On Sunday I could go on my first small trip outside the riding stables with Andor, yet still on led by Astrid.

&copy 2008 by Jolle

The December is already planned with lots of Christmas and birthday parties. I will be in Mecklenburg around Christmas eve before leaving for a weeklong ski trip to France with Astrid and her home ski club.

Sunday, November 2, 2008


We just came back from a weekend in Hesse and bought a new horse, a 3 year old Haflinger named Andor.

My new Haflinger Andor (&copy 2008 by Jolle)

It is a very cool character, taking everyting as it comes. Now it´s mostly up to Astrid to teach him. :)