Sunday, March 29, 2009

Mud race

Today I was supposed to run the Strongman Run, the big mud challenge where I have been last year. But we decided to swap this challenge for the first dressage tournament of this year in Bensheim.

And as it was raining heavily the last days, I had my mud challenge with the car and horse trailer...

...while Astrid had her challenge. We were pretty excited because it was the first tournament in 2 years and Ray is always a bit excited in new environments.

But the worries were unnecessary, she was cool as ice and both did a great job. Yes, I love them!

At the end of the day Astrid won back some money to make up the lost registration fee of the Strongman Run.

It seems like the winter has really gone now. Our garden is awakening in full speed and Lea is happy to see us more often outside to play with her. :)