Thursday, February 26, 2004

Moving out
The next 20 hours will be quite stressful. Right now I am in the middle of packing and cleaning my apartment. Tomorrow 11 am I will have to move out. Still a lot to do, so I may get no sleep this night. Let's see.

There was also a lot of administrative stuff to do at the university the last days, and lots of problems. I'll go to Stuttgart tomorrow, and on Saturday with Julia to Mainz and the Nürburgring. On Sunday I'll visit my aunt in Wiesbaden before returning to Stuttgart on Monday.

See you, Jolle!

Sunday, February 22, 2004

Friday I've been to an orthopaedist. He said everythings ok. So I will start again with my marathon training, this time a bit less intense. It's 4 weeks to Barcelona, so still enough time to come into shape.

Friday I'll finally leave Ingolstadt, so there's enough to do this week.

Tuesday, February 17, 2004

Biking in Spain
So, today I registered my bike for the Spain flights, cause I couldn't find a cheap bike rental in Barcelona. I think about taking my skates with me as well, as the beach boulevard seems to be a perfect spot for skating.

Kai's is also moving out of Ingolstadt next week and he offered me to take most of my stuff on a trailer to Hamburg. So I don't need a rental car and will just leave Ingolstadt with my backpack, bike and cello on a train. Then, after coming back from Spain, I can pick up these things in Hamburg.

Daily Life
Another swimming session with Tim today, followed by a trip to a Vietnamese restaurant. The afternoon I spent in the university visiting some friends and professors as well as researching for jobs.

Friday, February 13, 2004

I went swimming today with Tim, who gave his best to, again, correct my false crawl stroke technique. I feel it's going better every session. So I'll go again Monday or Tuesday.

Monday, February 9, 2004

The Running Dilemma
I waited ten days for my foot to heal. But today was enough. I didn't feel any pain for days now, and the weather was simply too tempting. The landscape had turned white within 30 minutes, so I went out into the snow storm.

The surrounding was perfect. Carla Bruni was whispering her quiet melancholic words into my ears, I was testing my new distance and speed measuring toy, a Nike SDM Triax, which I bought at I decided to take it easy and just went on my short 10k lap. But 100 metres before arriving back home, the pain in the middle left foot returned. What a f...! The bad thing is, I have no clue what it is. Maybe I should really consult a doctor this week. Let's see. But time is ticking away, I already missed 90 km of my training plan.

Away with the bad news. The rest of the weekend was pleasant. Julia visited me and on Saturday we went out to see Igby in the Audi cinema, before finishing the evening in a Spanish Tapas bar. Sunday we relaxed and went for a sauna.

Monday, February 2, 2004

Weekend in Bremen
It has been a nice weekend in Bremen visiting Steffi. Saturday we went to the Bundesliga soccer match of Bremen against Berlin, the first against the last in Germany's premier soccer league. It was raining, but the athmosphere was phantastic, mainly because Bremen clearly won 4:0.

Later that evening I got a sightseeing tour of Bremen's bar scene, which is much better than I expected. Sunday was quite, with just a small walk around the city centre.

upper left: Werder Bremen - Hertha BSC Berlin soccer match/ upper right: Bremen's famous dish
lower left: Mill in the city centre/ lower right: The "natural" Bremen Town Musicians

Today I came back to Ingolstadt, where I will stay until the end of February.