Monday, February 9, 2004

The Running Dilemma
I waited ten days for my foot to heal. But today was enough. I didn't feel any pain for days now, and the weather was simply too tempting. The landscape had turned white within 30 minutes, so I went out into the snow storm.

The surrounding was perfect. Carla Bruni was whispering her quiet melancholic words into my ears, I was testing my new distance and speed measuring toy, a Nike SDM Triax, which I bought at I decided to take it easy and just went on my short 10k lap. But 100 metres before arriving back home, the pain in the middle left foot returned. What a f...! The bad thing is, I have no clue what it is. Maybe I should really consult a doctor this week. Let's see. But time is ticking away, I already missed 90 km of my training plan.

Away with the bad news. The rest of the weekend was pleasant. Julia visited me and on Saturday we went out to see Igby in the Audi cinema, before finishing the evening in a Spanish Tapas bar. Sunday we relaxed and went for a sauna.

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