Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Jeep Tour

I'm back from the long weekend. It was nice to be at home again, see the family, run my old favorite track around the Neumuehler Lake, swim with my triathlon club...

Monday I went back with a rental car. I got a Jeep Grand Cherokee this time. Hell, what a monster machine. After some offroad tests in the morning :) it made 190 km/h on the highway. Not bad for a car weighting 2 tons. Anyway, not a car I would buy.

Wednesday, March 23, 2005


I just come back from town. Originally I wanted to get my hair cut, which I also did. But when passing by the cinema I couldn't resist in watching the Ray motion picture, as the cinema was playing it in the English version just this Wednesday afternoon. It is a great movie and I was really glad to have seen him live in concert a year before he died.

I'll go to bed now, as it was a long day. I got up at 6:15 am in Stuttgart, where I went yesterday for a dinner of Julia's company.

Tomorrow we'll go to an ice hockey playoff match, Mannheim vs. Nuremberg, before I'll drive home on Friday to relax some days.

Monday, March 21, 2005

Lichtenwald Half Marathon

Last weekend I was in Stuttgart. Saturday Julia and me went to Lichtenwald to take part in a small but nicely organized run. I ran the half marathon distance, and finished first in my age category, 13th overall. I guess I'm quite in a good shape this year, even the mountains were quite easy to master. For results and photos visit the official homepage www.lichtenwald-lauf.de.vu (my bib was 141).

Until Wednesday I'll be in Walldorf (some SAP-education). Friday I'll drive home to Schwerin for the Easter Holidays.

Sunday, March 13, 2005

Back from Skiing

Skiing was perfect. Plenty of snow and sunshine, nice panorama views, a very comfortable accomodation and party every evening.

Plus, Hansa Rostock won its first home match this season. The week couldn't have been much better. :)

Tuesday, March 8, 2005

Swim: Mission half completed

I went swimming tonight after work in the very old and imposing Herschelbad. My plan was 2 km in 45 min and it was a tough start, cause the water was really crowded with kids, splashers and so on. But around 8:20 pm the people started moving out and I could stop criss-crossing the water. I even had enough power to accelerate significantly for the last 250 m. A completely new feeling and a very good time for me: 44:44 min. Now I can be pretty sure to be out of the water in less than 90 min and still reach my bike alive in August. :)

And if I manage to continue my regular training once or twice a week, I'm sure I can even do much better.

Monday, March 7, 2005


Last weekend was fun. I explored a bit of Mannheim's nightlife with Julia, guided by Basti, Eli and their friends. On Sunday Julia and me went running. I did a nice run along the river Neckar from Heidelberg to Mannheim, which is around 25 km. There is also a nice track along the Rhine, so my training can go on. I just need to find some mountains to get in shape for the Rennsteig.

Thursday I'll go skiing to Austria (Pitz Valley) with some colleges from the company, I'm really looking forward to it. After all, I've been only one day in the snow this season and had not expected to get another chance so soon.

On top of that, I even may get the heating in the bathroom fixed this week. My landlord sent me an email today. We'll see.

Thursday, March 3, 2005

Short News from Mannheim

I found a room near the main station in the city centre. Very small, no heating in the bath, but ok. I won't have much time in there, anyway. I did a first run today, actually tonight, from 9 to 10 pm along the Rhine.

Julia is coming on Friday, as well as Basti, an old friend from Freiberg. We'll explore a bit more of Mannheim then. Next Thursday to Sunday I'll possibly join a ski trip with the company to the Pitz valley.

So much for now. Need to get some food and sleep now. Good night, Jolle!