Saturday, May 31, 2003

This weekend...
...Summer-Challenge 2003 in Ingolstadt.
It's a sport event of several business schools in Germany and Switzerland. It starts friday noon and lasts til Sunday. Students can take part in several categories like beach soccer, beach volleyball, cheerleading and duathlon. But mainly it's a big party and a possibility to come in contact with several sponsors.

Tuesday, May 27, 2003

The Altmuehl River
Last friday Kai, Georg and me made a barbecue session on Kai's terrace where we decided to undertake some action on the weekend with Julia, who was visiting me on her way home from Cologne. We opted for canoeing on the Altmuehl river, something I wanted to do since I'm here in Ingolstadt.

And let me tell you, this river is fantastic, despite the low water level at the moment. We rented a two-person canoe for me and Julia and a single-kayak for Kai and started out trip at a small village called Solnhofen. Kai couldn't find a comfortable position in his kayak, so I took it over. ...Perfect weather...18 kilometres, two boat slides and five hours later we ended the trip and went to a nice Italian restaurant in Eichstaett.

Jolle on the Altmühl (&copy 2003 by Jolle

What else: Monday was the day to make a dream come true. I bought something very special I wanted to have since years. I had to go for that cheap deal. More coming soon...(when it arrives) :)

Thursday, May 22, 2003

Sopa Box Race & FlowerPower
Hitchhiking to Leipzig on Saturday morning was a shit. It took me almost 1.5 hours to get into a car in Ingolstadt and an overall 5 hours to reach the outskirts of Leipzig. I skated to the station and arrived at the same time as the train I could have taken. Basti, Eli's train from Mannheim came half an our later and we went with Steffen to his house which was situated in a quite exclusive residential area. Indeed, his flat was not yet refurbished, so he could afford the rent. We got a completely empty room to sleep. Oh, it was not completely empty - it had a carpet. But that's more than ok for a free accomodation.

After cooking dinner he showed us around the town on an individual city and pub sightseeing. Quite a nice town. The day ended in a pub called FlowerPower. The decoration looked like the name would suggest. Pure hippy style.

We got up late on Sunday, right in time to walk to this day's event, the 12. Prix de Tacot, a yearly soapbox race where just self-built constructions are allowed. It consists of 3 races. First it has to be pushed an eight hundred metre long path up a mountain by a team of runners. Then there is a timed lap on this mountain. And lastly it has to race down on its own. Bast, Steffen and me helped pushing one soapbox up the mountain and we were lucky (or fast) enough to win. It's the one on the upper photo. But it was about winning, the event alone was fun enough, especially some of the very strange soapboxes. My favorite was the stylishly shaped trike (middle right), the starship (middle left, with already some missing parts) and the polar station (down). The last was pulled by a penguin which was again lured by a men with fishes, a really funny sight. See more pics on their site.

Copyright 2003 by Jolle

Copyright 2003 by JolleCopyright 2003 by Jolle

Copyright 2003 by Jolle

We left the race just in time to go to the Festwiese, where the Grönemeyer concert was scheduled for 6:30. More than 70,000 people have been there and he stayed on stage for three hours until he had nothing more to sing than old German folksongs. It was then when the audience did let him go. On the photo you can see Eli, Basti and me. It's not that Eli especially likes her left side but it's the only photo where all of us are united.

Copyright 2003 by Jolle

Copyright 2003 by Jolle

Friday, May 16, 2003

Herbie, the German King of Pop
Tomorrow morning I'll hitchhike to Leipzig, the selected German candidate for the 2012 summer Olympics. I'll meet an old collegue from my former times in Freiberg, Basti, who is now living and studying in Mannheim. Moreover I'll be in this exciting city for the first time. On Sunday Herbert Grönemeyer will sing personally for us - well, and some thousand others, too. He is the king of German pop and rock ballads, a long time favorite on stereo. So let the sun shine......

Thursday, May 15, 2003

Successful Race, yeahhh...
What a wonderful weekend. First in Stuttgart I had a nice evening with Julia, among other things we went to the movies and watched "The Transporter" from Luc Besson, a must-see. On Saturday I watched a car race of our Bonnfinanz team on the Nürburgring (see the pics) and later met my mom and sister, whom I haven't seen since Christmas. We went together on top of the Nürburg castle and in the evening I finished first in our kart racing event.

Mom, Teresa and me before the kart race A hot race needs lot of rubber... Our team cheering on the finish line Some of the race cars

Friday, May 9, 2003

Racing Weekend
This weekend I'll drive at the second Bonnfinanz Team Cup at the Nürburgring. And I'll visit Julia in Stuttgart tomorrow and Sunday on the way there and back. Maybe we'll hike a bit in the mountains. Let's see. Have a nice weekend, too. Til Monday!

Tuesday, May 6, 2003

Thesis Update

I had a meeting with my tutor in the morning where he explained to me his genetic algorithm and the program structure. We'll meet again on Thursday where I'll present it back to him to make clear that I understood it. Then I can start developping the programs for the testing environment and the creation of test datas.
2. Ingolstadt Skate-Night

It was a perfect weather weekend, so studying came a bit short. On Saturday I went to the Skatenight. An stimated 4000 skaters attended the event and made their laps on this nice round coruse in the city centre. I never imagined it'll be that big. Later in the evening Kai and me went to the after-skate-party which turned out to be a teenie-event, so we left early.

On Sunday I again ran a semi-marathon distance with Kai and Tim. But this time my goal was two hours which is fast enough for a good training session. The curious thing was that my muscles hurt the same today.

Thursday, May 1, 2003

May Bike tour

- Along the Danube from Ingolstadt to Weltensheim.
- Then a short river cruise where the Danube breaks through a mountain range.
- Then upstream along the river Altmühl to Eichstätt.

Distance: 144 km
Time: from 2 pm to 10 pm
Beer stops: three

Too tired to tell you more now. Just that: I'm happy.