Tuesday, May 27, 2003

The Altmuehl River
Last friday Kai, Georg and me made a barbecue session on Kai's terrace where we decided to undertake some action on the weekend with Julia, who was visiting me on her way home from Cologne. We opted for canoeing on the Altmuehl river, something I wanted to do since I'm here in Ingolstadt.

And let me tell you, this river is fantastic, despite the low water level at the moment. We rented a two-person canoe for me and Julia and a single-kayak for Kai and started out trip at a small village called Solnhofen. Kai couldn't find a comfortable position in his kayak, so I took it over. ...Perfect weather...18 kilometres, two boat slides and five hours later we ended the trip and went to a nice Italian restaurant in Eichstaett.

Jolle on the Altmühl (&copy 2003 by Jolle

What else: Monday was the day to make a dream come true. I bought something very special I wanted to have since years. I had to go for that cheap deal. More coming soon...(when it arrives) :)

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