Monday, August 9, 2004

3.8 / 190 / 42.195 in 9:55:42 means third place

Up to 30°C, water temperature of 23°C and not one cloud to be seen. It was perfect Hawaii-weather for the longdistance triathlon in Gluecksburg. The spectators could sit on the beach relaxing and watching the triathletes burn in the sun.

Elke, Ralf and me finished as a mixed relay team on the third place in a wonderful time of 9:55:42. Especially Ralf, who finished his 180 km in exactly five hours has shown a stunning performance. I finished my marathon distance in 3:32:37, which is a good time for me regarding the temperatures.

Thanks to my team members, the organisation and the cheering supporters for this wonderful experience. I will definitely come back!

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