Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Deutschlandstaffel - a 3600 km relay run around Germany

It was a nice event. I arrived in Hinrichshagen at 2:30 am on Tuesday night. From then on I took over the Staffomobil (a motor caravan), because Dieter desperately needed some hours sleep. We accompanied the runners when they had to use roads, especially in the night, when we could spent light and security.

Dieter an me in the caravan supporting some runners

Later in the afternoon we arrived in Schwerin. From here Robert and me ran the next stage together.

Robert and me just before the stage start

But because of pain in my left leg I just ran the first 5 km to Wittenfoerden, where my family welcomed us home. From here Dieter and the Staffomobil stayed at our house and I continued to support Robert on our stage on bike. We arrived in Renzow perfectly in time to hand over the baton to the next runners, which I also supported on bike to carry water and their bike. In Dutzow Dieter joined us again for a short time and I accompanied the last runners in my part to Luebeck, a 34 km stage.

Lothar and Konrad handing over the baton to the girls from the last stage

We ran into the night, reaching Luebeck at half past eleven. Here the part, that I organized, ended. So we had small "party" at the Staffomobil, before I returned home to Schwerin (my mother picked me up by car). Much more infos, pics etc. in the Logbook.

Today I did nothing more than sleeping, the whole day. And I'll go to bed again, soon. CU, Jolle!

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