Monday, November 4, 2002

I'm back
The Heiko ashtrayIt was nice to be back in Freiberg again. We arrived Friday afternoon and went swimming in the brandnew swimming centre with Karl and some of his friends. We also had our first beer there.

In the evening was the big party where we met old college fellows, drank a lot and did some other things people do at parties until 7 or 8, when I fell asleep in the back seat of the car. Georg and Tim had already occupied the front seats some hours ago.

As soon as we woke up we organized a breakfast in the famous Café Hartmann. Then we started drinking again and spent the time until the evening giggling over stories of the past and present in Evi's and Kaetho's flat with Georg, Tim, Marc, Kaetho, Evi and Heiko. Dinner was taken late in the Kartoffelhaus, a nice potatoe restaurant in Freiberg. After that we went home for sleep, being quite exhausted and tired. Except Marc. He wanted another beer and woke up in the morning under the bed table with a kitchen towel as a blanket.

The photos are coming later, I'll give notice at the Freiberg board. Thanx again to the P7-crew for the cool party. The decoration was exceptional, just see this wonderful ashtray on the pic. And also thanx to Evi and Kaetho for the place to sleep, even we preferred the car on Friday.

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