Tuesday, November 19, 2002

Young Jolle and Mom (© 2002 by Johannes Beck)The family united, for the first time in years
On Monday all our family gathered for my grandpa's 80s birthday in a wine restaurant ("Weinhaus Wöhler") in Schwerin. It was the first time in years that we've been all together, Grandpa, Grandma, their two children and 8 grandchildren.

What else did I do on the weekend? Not much. I listened a lot to my CDs and LPs which I left at home together with my nice Sony stereo and subwoofer. I love to turn the volume up, but I can't use it in my dormitory here, so I left it all home.

Young Jolle (© 2002 by Johannes Beck)On Sunday I took some digital photos from old photo albums (like these two with Jolle at the age of 4 months). I wanted to have some selected pics on my computer, but scanning takes too much time, so I just used my digital camera, even the quality is not that great.

I went back to Ingolstadt today morning around 7:30. Daddy had a vocational training in Kassel which is half way down to Bavaria on the western route, so I joined him, driving his Audi with top speed. He dropped me on a service area of the motorway near Kassel, where I continued hitchhiking with 3 different cars. The last one, an older couple from Munich's high society, were especially nice and drove me all the way home. So here I am.

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