Tuesday, November 12, 2002

By the way, do you know Googlism?. It's an engine that finds descriptions on the web for names, places or any other words. And, 'cause you wouldn't expect it from the name, it uses Google for its search. :)

The result is quite funny in most cases. For Jolle it finds the following:

jolle is the last house on the left
jolle is leaving today so the last days it will only be magnus
jolle is a con artist with the face of an angel
jolle is almost finished with her residency and is making more enemies than friends
jolle is my self chosen name
jolle is ranked 15 and has played for 1h50m in 14 days real name
jolle is dan weer een klassieker die nieuw gebouwd wordt door hd yachtbau uit hüde
jolle is op een symposium in rotterdam vandaag
jolle is toteutti järjestelmät federal express
jolle is te koop
jolle is an actor
jolle is ranked 114 and has played for 49m in 14 days real name
jolle is an 8 th grade social studies teacher at taylor road
jolle is quite large
jolle is ranked 137 and has played for 2h16m in 14 days real name
jolle is the nestle executive in charge of the championships

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