Wednesday, October 2, 2002

Bladelight® - a revolution for skaters
Yesterday I got my Bladelights® by mail. I had ordered them almost 2 months ago, way too long to wait for such a cool gagdet. A student invented that innovative light system for Inline-Skates last year. They still don't produce in big scale, and they are quite expensive. That may be why I've never seen anybody skating with them.
Bladelight® (picture © 2002 Johannes Beck)

Anyway, I am convinced of the system. You have 2 blue LEDs in the front and one blinking red LED on the rear of each skate. They are surprisingly bright and so you're not just perfectly seen by others but you can also see where you're skating on. It's a phantastic feeling, and the people look like they have seen a spaceship. I went for a two-hour ride last night, it's just fun. See the pics. I should get a camera with a longer exposure time, I think you could make photos with nice lightworm effects.
Bladelight® (picture © 2002 Johannes Beck)Bladelight® (picture © 2002 Johannes Beck)

You wanna have such a light system, too? Order them at or see my I ordered two sets, so I am selling one.

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