Thursday, October 10, 2002

Photo Upload
I've been diligent uploading my photos at last. Ít took some time and effort, because I don't have no CD-writer, no broadband Internet and no working network card. So I transfered the pics with my camera via USB to Kai's computer, burned them on CD, and finally uploaded them in the compter lab at university. It could be all so easy...

Anyway, I created four new albums now. See the links below.

> Oktoberfest album: 98 photos from the Oktoberfest in Munich and the smaller version of it in Ingolstadt. Read the blog entry from Oct 5.

> 24-h-Geisenfeld album: 38 photos from the running event. See the report at Sept 17 or the official website for more infos and photos.

> Schweiz/Liechtenstein album: 81 photos from the weekend trip this summer. You can find the detailed travel report including a selection of the pics in the travel section of my website.

> Belgium album: 73 photos from a short trip to Brussels in Belgium with Kai.

See all my albums at That's it for the moment. Next time I'll be faster.

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