Sunday, October 13, 2002

Successful weekend
The touring car race at the 'Nordschleife' (&copy 2002 by Johannes Beck)It was a great racing weekend. After a night at my aunts house in Wiesbaden our team won its first touring car race on the famous "Nordschleife"-circuit at the Nuerburgring on Saturday with an edge of just two seconds. Saturday evening we drove our third Bonnfinanz Team Cup race this year which me and my race partner won. Moreover I got the most overall points from the 3 races in 2002 and became Team Cup Champion 2002. All in all, I had much more luck than expected this weekend. To see race reports and pics, visit the Bonnfinanz Motorsport Homepage.

I came home around 8 pm due to a stop in Göppingen near Stuttgart where I went out to a cafe with Geli. The trains were awfully crowded, I didn't even get a seat and had to sit on the ground. Anyway, it were some nice three days.

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