Saturday, October 5, 2002

Oktoberfest & Ingolstadt Volksfest
As already announced I went to Munich on Thursday with Kai, Andrea, Christoph, Frank, Silke and Andre. We had some food, much more fun and unequally more beer. The Oktoberfest is not a must see in my opinion, it's just big. And you'll hardly find a place with more drunken people. Anyway, the athmosphere in the beer tents was great, as well as the rides there.
Oktoberfest Ride (&copy 2002 by J. Beck)Ingolstadt Fair (&copy 2002 by J. Beck)

My cousin Lothar and me at the Ingolstadt Volksfest (&copy 2002 by J. Beck)Kai, Andrea and me missed the last train to Ingolstadt because Andrea's purse was stolen which took some time for arrangements afterwards. But fi you got some beer already, you can sleep anywhere, also on a train station. I came home Friday 7am.

My bed could count on me at least til the evening when my cousin Lothar (on the left pic with me) was scheduled for a visit. He's a joiner on his tramp southwards. So I had to shop some groceries and so on. In the later evening we met again in the beer tent of the local brewery Herrnbräu with Kai, Andrea, Steffi and her brother and cousin (see the pic on the right). Steffi was leaving today, so it was kind of a farewell party in a bavarian style. Family Eisele on tour (&copy 2002 by J. Beck)

After 2 days of beer and party we had a somewhat alternative Saturday. Getting up late, playing beach volleyball at the Baggersee with Kai and watching TV in the evening. Tomorrow it's definitely time to go on work again.

Photos: I'll upload the photos of the Oktoberfest and lots of others soon, gove me some more time. I'll post the links here. Good night!

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