Tuesday, October 29, 2002

The storm is over
The worst of the storm is over. It has been a heavy one, taking more than ten people to heaven, in Germany only. I could see trees aching, umbrellas dissolving into parts, car drivers trying to dodge swirling garbage etc.. I had a lot of fun skating the downwind, reaching easily a frightening speed. Finally, autumn has come.

Madame Butterfly
Yesterday evening I've visited the opera, Madama Butterfly from Puchini was scheduled. I've never been a fan of operas. Why should I watch people running from on eside of the stage to the other, singing Italien which I wouldn't even understand if I yould speak the language? Hell, I don't know. Anyway, I decided to take another attempt towards operas on Monday. And I must conlcude: I still don't like it. The music was fine and the Polish actors all right. But still it doesn't entertain much in my opinion. I'd better watch a Shakespeare play or something. There's more action and you don't have to read the plot before going there. - Over and out!

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