Friday, September 6, 2002

Fuck the German tv
Germany won against Spain and will play the semifinal agains Argentina on Saturday 8 pm German local time (GMT +1h). What a thing. But we won't see it live in tv, because the stateowned channel ARD who holds the broadcasting rights decided to show the match only after it is finished. Don't ask me why they bought the rights and payed tax payers money for it. Absolutely stupid. First they didn't even wanted to show any match of the world championships, even most of them were around midnight in German time and at this hour the tv program is normally a big pot of shit.

But then fans and some politicians protested and they decided to show at least the matches with German participation, presumably hoping that these won't be that many. But our team was much better than expected and now we're in the semifinals. Isn't that enough? Instead of showing us a world championship semifinal the first German tv channel will show a qualification soccer match for the European championships 2004. All right, it is also interesting, but there are 14 other state-owned tv channels in Germany, 10 regional and 4 nationwide ones. All of them could show the live match, but instead we're getting about six f...... music festivals, a report about old the German chancelors, stories from Ground Zero and lot of other boring shows I've never even heard of.

Well, I think this sucks, it really sucks. I don't know who is responsible for such a waste of taxpayers money. There is just one thing that makes up for this. It's that the Americans also won't see their semifinal match, cause they have been thrown out of tournament by the Yugoslavian team last night. Over and out!

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