Thursday, September 19, 2002

News on Korea
Here are my news sources I read from time to time to stay up-to-date on what's happening in Korea. The best on for an introduction is The Economist with its abundant country data and statistics. The CNN special about the reconciliation process is also worth seeing. They have also have the best search engine on daily news. The 2 Korean newspapers, the Herald and the Times, give you a very nice insight on what the Koreans are focused on at the moment. This is sometimes quite different from the selection of news that reaches Europe.

To explore the country with a more touristic attitude you'll better visit the Government homepage, the brilliant city homepages (e.g. Seoul, Busan) or the KNTO (Korea National Tourist Organisation).

  • The Korea Herald
    Big English language newspaper in Korea

  • The Korea Times
    The other big English newspaper in Korea

  • The Economist (Country Briefing South Korea)
    One of the best and most reliable information available; factsheets, economic data, forecasts, news, links; includes news from North Korea as well

  • CNN (Korea Special)
    CNN's Korea special about the reconciliation; also provides a link to a big source of daily news on Korea

  • Korean Government
    Features everything from daily news to tourist information

  • Korean Cities (Seoul | Busan)
    All big Koran cities can be reached by the internet site of the structure  ""

  • KNTO
    The Korea National Tourist Organisation homepage (8 languages)


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