Saturday, September 7, 2002

WFI - White Feet Ingolstadt
Yesterday I registered our team for the 24-hour-run in Geisenfeld which is near Ingolstadt. Our team now has 10 members: Steffi, Caro, Kai, Christoph, Philip, Stefan, Arnd, Tim, Kaan and me. Moreover we'll get 2 others who are still looking for a team. That makes us 12 runners who have to run in average 2 hours.

We call ourselves the WFI - Weiße Füße (White Feet) Ingolstadt, cause most of us are coming from the Ingolstadt Business School which name is WFI. Not that funny? Maybe, but the other options have been "Inkognito" and "Shpedoinkle" and "Stumblestones Ingolstadt". So it can't be that bad either.

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