Tuesday, September 24, 2002

The Korean way of auctioning
Koreans like animations. It's the most effective way to get attention on the web. The problem is if there are too many of them on one site, the result may disappear and the site may get annoying.

I think that's why ebay.com doesn't allow gif-files in the gallery listings. Everyone would compete in having the most eye-catching animated pic. On Korea's biggest auction site, Auction.co.kr, it is allowed. The result can be seen on the left which was a pic for a dvd-player auction. Not that bad in my opinion. Compare for yourself by following the two links to the respective dvd-categories of ebay.com and Auction.co.kr. Personally, I like the Korean style more.

By the way, auction.co.kr is also an ebay company. When I was studying in Korea last March, the CEO of ebay, Meg Whitman, came to Seoul and held a presentation at Ewha Woman University (next to Sogang University which I attented). She spoke to us about the ebay marketing strategy and her expansion plans in Asia. As we could later read in the news, the purpose of the visit has not been giving lectures but purchasing Korea's biggest auction site, auction.co.kr.

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