Tuesday, September 3, 2002

Visible Earth by NASA
I found a nice site today from the NASA. It's a database with satellite photos and animations from all around the world. You can browse or search by countries, by regions and many other categories. Chiese dust storm over Korean peninsula (&copy by NASA - Visible Earth)The quality of the photos is exellent. They always have a low and very high resolution versions.

You can find pictures of big fires anywhere in the world, and also recent shots from the floods in Germany. Overall they have more than 3700 pics. Koreans should be pleased to find more than enough evidence against China and Mongolia, from where giant dust clouds spread over the region from time to time. It's a big issue in Korea, as these clouds are believed to contain toxic particles from China's bustling industry. Experts approve the fact, but it is definitely not that toxic like some Korean believe when they tell you to use an umbrella in rain because the dust is coming down on your head and the hair will be damaged.

Anyway, check out the pics at: NASA - Visible Earth (Country Index / Korea / Germany).

Well, at the moment, the people will definitely not think about dust storms, as the worst typhoon in 4 decades has hit the peninsula at the last weekend. Here some early numbers from the Korea Times: 138 dead, many more missing, property damage over 1 trillion won (800 million Euro), 70 000 people evacuated, 28 000 houses swamped, over 200 roads and bridges damaged. And these are not the final figures from the 15th typhoon this year called Rusa. See the whole article from the Korea Times.

At last I want to wish these 15 North Korean refugees, which escaped to the German embassy in China, the best. Hopefully they are allowed to leave the country to anywhere except North Korea. It's a shame how China handles this problem and how they treat reporters on that issue.

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