Thursday, July 18, 2002

Lance Armstrong winning the 11th stage (&copy by Reuters)Today was the first difficult mountain stage of the Tour de France, and therefore the first real test for the ONCE-equipe and its leader Galdeano. But Lance Armstrong was again the strongest and won the 11th stage in front of Beloki (also Once) and his own teammate Heras, taking over the jellow jersey earlier than expected. But it was also a happy day for the Germans, as "uns Erik" (our Erik) Zabel won back the green jersey as the best sprinter.

Another biker had also a steep experience today. Scharping (pronounced with his own low voice as Schaaaaaaa-ping), Germanys minister of defence, has been fired by the chancelor. It's no good time for the newest of his scandals, just 2 month before the general elections. So now he got enough time for biking, eeeh?

But it's a bit rainy at the moment for that as half of Germany is fighting against the water. Rivers are flooding cities. In one place it rained a 155 liters a day, the most ever since we started recording the weather.

Yeah, a lot happens. Just me, I am sitting at home reading for my thesis or cleaning the kitchen. But the day will come...

By the way, our new defense minister is also a biker, but this time a motor biker. Let's take it for a good sign.

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