Tuesday, July 23, 2002

Commuting is fun
When people hear in which dormitory I live they sometimes commiserate me for its far-off location. I think Germans are very fastidious when it comes to commuting to work. Very few people accept a way longer than half an hour. And most people want to avoid getting wet on a bike or having to walk to the next bus stop and therefore choose the car, complaining every day about the traffic jam.

For me commuting is fun. Especially if you can do it on bike or skates. During my last years in school I had to bike 5 km to school. I just used the bus when I broke my finger once, that's it. My first year in Ingolstadt I also moved a bit outside to the city in a village. For me biking is a nice way to relax and to think, especially on my way back I use the time to race a bit, sometimes making a detour.

The white-gloved gods of the street
In Korea I also lived a bit distant to university. On good days I used my scooter to reach Dangsan-subway station. There I bought a morning newspaper and waited for the train. I departed in Shinchon, being in the middle of hundreds of students. It was fun observing the people and read the paper in the morning. It gave me the feeling of adventure every day.

When it was cold or wet I used the comfortable option, the bus. It departed directly in front of my flat and also stopped on the back entrance of Sogang university, that meant less than 200 m walk to the classroom. Well, it took longer than the scooter/subway option but it was quite the same fun as there was a lot to see on the way. I followed the construction work on Yangwha-bridge, the food-stands in the streets, the chaotic traffic, new fashion trends of the younger generation and so on.

Also it is exiting to be part of the daily bus race. If you never experienced a full brake application at the bus stop followed by a kickoff start, I recommend you should go for it when you're in Seoul. These white-gloved gods of the street are the most devoted (professional) drivers I've ever seen. And if you're lucky, they tune in some nice melodies, too.

O.K., to be honest, it can be a bit inconvenient if you go peak time as the buses are crowded and will probably get stucked in a traffic jam. But don't worry, the race experience will be the same, as the driver still does his kickoff-launch and full brake every time there are some metres to advance. Take it as a challenge and try to be the last one being darted through the bus.

Well, the bottom line is that I enjoy commuting. Anyhow, it should be less than an hour I or so. Sometimes Korean commute 2 hours one-way. I think that's really too long then to make fun.

The facts
By the way, here are the facts for my "far-off" located dormitory: :)

Going to university on bike:
  • Distance: 2.96 km

  • Time: 7:54 min

  • Avg speed: 22.51 km/h

  • Max speed: 37.6 km/h

  • Motto: No-sweat-zone
  • Gong back on bike:
  • Distance: 2.96 km or more

  • Time: 6:14 min or longer

  • Avg Speed: 28.7 km/h or faster

  • Max Speed: 50.8 km/h

  • Motto: Race, race, race

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