Monday, July 29, 2002

Swamp (&copy Artwork by Dmitry Savinoff)Dmitry Savinoff
Hey, I found this cool graphic genius from Russia on the web who creates phantastic pictures full of light. He founded his own studio and does lot of webwork ranging from company logos to backgrounds for computer games. Check out his website or click on the picture to go directly to his gallery.

Two more personal things: Got a new neighbour some days ago. First impression was fine, but he is one of these "How about my subwoofer?"-types. Well, I'll get over this somehow later. If not, I'll simply get my own subwoofer from home and fight back. :)

Secondly, I've changed the position of my TV-set from the centre of the room into the drawer. So now I can't watch TV from my bed anymore and it is less convenient to watch. It should result in additional working hours, at least I hope so.

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