Friday, July 19, 2002

Armstrong racing down the Pyrenees. (&copy by Reuters)The fastest down, the fastest up
Armstrong again: It's incredible where he takes his power from. Again he raced down the hills at first place, went them up at first and finished at first on this exhausting mountain stage, stealing over a minute from his biggest rival Beloki (3rd today). Well, obviously Armstrong has the best supporter in his US-Postal team with Heras, who fininished on second place a minute later. The question remains, who can stop him? I think it's all done already. But at least the fight around the green jersey is at its best with McEwen shortening the lead of "uns Erik" to just 1 point by winning an interim sprint. Tomorrow there will be some more, too. Huaaah!

For me, I'll go home now and check a bike dealer for new tires on the way. Later I'll meet for a board game & Cocktail night with friends. Hope it'll be fun. Have to read a bit more, too.

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