Wednesday, July 31, 2002

Going home - yippie ye!
Applied as a "Lufthansa Fly Agent" in the morning. Spoke around 20 minutes to a personnel manager on the phone. He asked about my personality, IT-knowledge etc, changing between German and English during the interview. I didn't have such a good feeling afterwards, but let's see. If it was not that bad, I'll be on a recruiting day next week in Frankfurt.

Wanted to book a flight to go home on Thursday and go back on Tuesday next week. Lufthansa has been offering 77 Euro-specials (including tax etc.) for any return flight within Germany, if you book until today. But because I don't know at what day I have my possible recruiting event next week, I couldn't fix a date for the return flight.

That means I will go home hitchhiking on Friday. My record hike was 6 1/2 hours from Ingolstadt to Schwerin, which is about a 700 km distance. It'll be hard to beat, especially because I don't have anybody to take me to the first petrol station on the freeway. I have to start in the city. "Thumbs up" isn't working well in Germany. You better ask drivers at the petrol stations. It's the only way to get a fast lift. And it's more secure as you can choose the people you ask.

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