Monday, July 22, 2002

The Thorn Tree
The Thorn Tree (&copy by, I got lost in dreaming about travelling. From time to time I check the Lonely Planet website. They have the best and most up-to-date information about any place which is worth visiting (and the others, too). But the best on this website is their forum called the THORN tree. It is divided in over 40 categories and has more than 100.000 registered users and many more anonymous ones. They have own forums for bike travellers as well as for special destinations. So if you have any question, this is the place to get a response. I am mostly in the North-East-Asia, Western Europe or Biking section. It's great fun reading stories of travellers or giving some tips.

You can also use this while travelling, as many people are doing. When I was in Vietnam, I checked there to find the best way to the Dalat Mountains, and travellers who just went there, answered me. It's nice to check out facts or common frauds. Have fun travelling...or at least dreaming about.

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