Monday, July 4, 2005

17 kph average

At the moment I am writing this I'm sitting in the train that takes me directly from Schwerin to Mannheim, an eight hour trip.

It was a nice weekend, which passed too fast again, even I had already taken a free day to lenghten it. But three days are still too short, there's soo much to do at home.

I left Mannheim directly after work on Friday evening and arrived Schwerin around midnight.
Saturday morning I went to famous the 5-lake-run in Schwerin, starting in front of the castle, that beholds our regional parliament and is restaurated with a 150 million Euro budget over the next decades. There are three distances, a 10, 15 and 30 km run. I had registered for the 15 km run (which is actually 15,8 km), that I had also ran last year.

I met some friends from the Berlin Marathon Forum (ForumTeam) as well as members of my local triathlon club. Then a friend showed me his secrets of warming up before a race. Shortly before the start we positioned us in the first row. Actually it was my first time starting directly in front of a race, but with my tenth overall place last year I think it was not too arrogant. ;)
We started fast in a group of around ten to fifteen runners in front, but had to let go seven of them quite soon. Globi and me and two other runners formed a second group and changed the lead several times. It became quite hot and I felt very good at km seven in the race, so I am not sure if I became fast or the others slower, but I overtook them and ran away. From that moment on I also had an official biker in front of me which cleared the way a bit, cause we were running into the 10 km runners that had started 10 minutes earlier.

Right before the finish line I overtook another runner which had been originally in the first group, so I ended the race on the 7th position of around 1150 participants in a phantastic time of 55:33 min, a bit over a 17 kph average. It has definitely been the fastest race in my short career as a runner. ;)

I also got some bottles of a local beer as the prize for the second place in my age group, which I had also last year. There are participating better runners every year, but if I again get seven minutes faster, I may be in the pace for the big trophy next year. ;)

What else did I do on the weekend? Steffi, a good friend and former fellow student from Ingolstadt visited me and we went through Schwerin with my sister, which is an official city guide. Moreover we went swimming in the lake, had a strawberry cake and cherries and went on a boat tour on the Schweriner Lake. Moreover I met my uncle and grandparents again. ;)

&copy 2005 by Jolle

As you can see, there was quite some action, so it has been a good decision that I had taken free on today. Sleeping long, go on a small bike tour with my recumbent bike and watching the first hours of the Tour de France coverage was all I did today before I had to leave for the train around 5 pm.

In 5 weeks I'll go home again for the Ostseeman weekend. Oops, it's really getting time to intensify my training.

Have a nice week, Jolle!
PS: Boonen did it again and won also the second sprint final of the Tour de France. Good for me, as I have bet on him getting the the green jersey. :)

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