Sunday, September 7, 2003

New personal best
The Altoettig halfmarathon was a full success. Wonderfull sunny weather, but luckily with the track going 90% through shady forest. Cause I decided so late to come here I had to start in the second field and had to overtake more than a thousand runners on the narrow forest paths. This was a bit of a pity, I got several scratches and burned both my legs by stinging nettles while overtaking beside the track. Nevertheless, I succeeded running steady 4:15 times per km, speeding a bit on the last 2 km and finishing in 1:28:56 h, improving my old mark by more than 4 min.

Jolle & Julia before the start Jolle at the finish!

I was quite astonished to be that fast today as yesterday's test run was so bad. But fellow runners and an audience definitely make the difference. Berlin can come!

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