Tuesday, September 30, 2003

3:24:39 - Berlin Marathon 2003
My first marathon, a day to remember. I couldn't find my right speed, as it was very crowded, especially at the beginning. I lost several minutes on my 3:30 target, but from starting from km 10 it began to get better. I dound the right pace, had a lot of fun with the spectators and the scenic track. I waited for the hammerman to come at km 30, but nothing happenend. My running style was still smooth. No much exhaustion and absolutely no pain in the knees or muscles. Much better than expected. So I accelerated from km 30 until the finish and couldn't completely repress some tears when I passed the Brandenburg gate and ran the final meters.

All went so well, my target 3:30 became a 3:24:39. And even more important, I had no pain and could still walk. After drinking, eating and getting a massage I took my finisher beer in front of the Reichstag. A day I'll never forget.

In the evening Kai, Lothar and me went on a small bar tour in the famous Berlin quarter "Prenzlauer Berg" before driving home in the nigth.

Right now I'm in Stuttgart with Julia, and recovering for the Munich Marathon in 2 weeks, which I will run easy with no ambition for time. More later...

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