Saturday, September 6, 2003

The regeneration week went well. I made a run today and still feel some pain in the muscles and left feet but it's not very bad, so I can continue training, and more important, can start at the halfmarathon in Altoetting tomorrow, a small pilgrim town near the Austrian border. It shall be the last test on the way to Berlin. I've scheduled 1:45 hours, let's see if I can finish in time. My personal best 1:33:34 from last year is in far distance as I lost my speed somewhere during the marathon training. Today, I couldn't even run 5 km in that speed.

On the other hand my preparation for the halfmarathon is perfect. A 10k run 16 hours before the race and a bottle of wine. If I fail to reach the finish in 1:45, I know why :)

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