Thursday, August 7, 2003

Some news...
The last weekend I was in Stuttgart. On Saturday Julia and me went to the Wuerttemberg, a mountain covered with wine plants which gave its name to the whole region. On tuesday I officially registered my thesis with the name "Analysis of a Genetic Algorithm for flexible flow line scheduling". So at last there is a final deadline for me, too.

One day later my cousin Lothar came to Ingolstadt. He was traveling around by bike and working half a year in Switzerland and Italy and is now on his way back home. If he doesn't change his mind, he'll stay til Saturday. Today I had my second of four dentist visits. The session was almost relaxing, watching M-TV at a ceiling flat-screen. But now after some hours I feel some pain and hope that it goes away soon. Moreover I have two weeks time until the next visit, because of the doctor's summer vacation.

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