Sunday, August 17, 2003

The final Berlin marathon countdown
My final training period for the Berlin marathon on Sept 28 has started this week. Six weeks of intense running and one week for recovery should be enough to complete my first marathon in under four hours. Moreover I changed my rhytm from training in the evening to the early morning. I ran a total of 60 km from monday to friday.

Saturday I had scheduled the first test of a near marathon distance. I planned running 7 laps around the Baggersee, each 5.3 km in length, counting to a total of 37.1 km. The time limit for each round was set to 30 min, totalling to 3 hours 30 overall.

It was much easier than expected. Until km 30 I felt no signs of exhaustion, just my knees hurt a bid from time to time, but never really bad. I automatically ran the exact time per lap, always between 29 min and 30, leaving some time to stop and drink water each lap. Cause I felt that good I speeded a bit in the final lap and ran a 27 min round, reaching the 37.1 km in 3:26:46 hours. OK, that last round was at limit. But without speeding I am sure I'd have been able to run another lap in under 30 min. I didn't want to test the whole distance, as my first marathon should be something special. A million visitors and 35,000 runners in Berlin will definitely be a nicer surrounding for that.

Well, to sum it up, I'll continue running in the mornings around a 70 to 80 km distance per week. This week it have been almost a 100. Berlin can come. I am ready.

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