Saturday, August 23, 2003

Team Cup Number 3
Today evening (Friday) I met with Georg to discuss about his thesis and watch a DVD later. And to have some beer, too, as you can see on the pic. :)

George and Jolle after some beers (&copy 2003 by Jolle)

In some hours I'll leave to the Nuerburgring again for the third Team Cup cart race. I packed my stuff and cleaned the dishes already, in a wise foreseeing that I won't be able to do that after having some beer. So now I'll sleep, cause I planned to go running in the morning (in 4-5 hours) before getting to the train at 9:30 am.

On the way back I'll drop by my darling in Stuttgart and come back to Ingolstadt on Monday morning. And yes, don't worry, I'll take some books to read on the train.

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